Vis mig denne side på dansk

1. Don't cheat. Of course, no form of cheating is allowed, and bug abuse is forbidden too. You can't ghost either - neither on LAN, nor on the internet.

2. 2. Keep a proper language while addressing the other players. Don't use condescending or harsh language when speaking to your fellow players and avoid the use of dirty, discriminating or offensive words. Remember, there are children playing on the server.

3. Don't TD, TK, block, teamflash or in any other way trouble your teammates. If you accidently hit a teammate, apologize to let him and the admins know that you didn't do it on purpose, and if a teammate hits you, don't shoot back. If you see someone stand still and aim, don't stop in front of him. Don't stop in gateways just to tease. Give your teammates room to retreat.

4. Don't use dirty, discriminating or offensive nicks. Nicks that include the names of genitals, racism, nazism or any other form of discrimination are not allowed.

5. Avoid winner joining.

Cheaters are banned permanently and without prior warning. Violations of the remaining rules will result in warning, kick and/or ban according to the admin's judgement. If you feel that you have been kicked or banned without a good reason, you may report the incident on our forum. We will not discuss rules, kicks or bans on the server.